(14 top) how install FUSE for macOS vers. 3.8.2 🌚 to Mac mini

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◍ FUSE for macOS v.3.8.2

FUSE for macOS (was OSXFUSE) allows you to extend OS X's native file-handling capabilities via third-party file systems. It is a successor to MacFUSE, which is no longer being maintained.
As a user, installing the FUSE for macOS software package will let you use any third-party file system written atop FUSE for macOS or MacFUSE, if you choose to install the MacFUSE compatibility layer. As a developer, you can use the FUSE for macOS SDK to write numerous types of file systems as regular user-space programs. The content of these file systems can come from anywhere: from the local disk, from across the network, from memory, or any other combination of sources.
This package will install the runtime and development components of FUSE for macOS. Please note that no FUSE for macOS-based file systems are included in this package.

for iMac Pro VeBNv-FUSE-for-macOS-ver.-3.5.8.dmg (5652 kb)

Updated for Sierra (7066 kb)

Updated version (8479 kb)

for Mac Pro (5794 kb)

Updated on MacBook (7701 kb)

Updated El Captan (7984 kb)

on iMac 3.6.3_FUSE_FOR_MACOS_ZTW7.APP (6712 kb)

FUSE for macOS License
Official site:

New for iMac Pro ott1.Snapshot.Editor.v.4.0.4.dmg | 2191 kb | 2.0.8

Recomended Sierra Text2Tape-ver.-3.2.0-6Sla.dmg | 2050 kb | 3.3.0

Sierra N9kUc-HarpNinja-ver.-2.5.9.dmg | 43831 kb | 4.5.7

Featured! version ver._1.1.3_Magican_Rest_yY6G.pkg | 931 kb | 1.4.0

{6642 kb} Get NGW FUSE for macOS ver 3.8.6 3.8.3 Recomended OS X

{6359 kb} App ver 3.5.6 FUSE for macOS EhdpEa 3.8.4 New 10.14

{5652 kb} Software AiTah FUSE for macOS v.3.5.8 3.8.3 iMac Pro

{6783 kb} Update FUSE for macOS ver 3.8.0 dEn 3.8.4 OS X

{6500 kb} Update FUSE for macOS vers 3.10.2 CLRp67 5.8.2 for MacBook Pro
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